Message API

A Message is the same as the Sequence in the UI. It is a list of messages that are sent to a message.

The update API hard deletes the previous messages and recreates them with new ones. Relying on a MessageId after a campaign has started is not a good idea.

Please be super careful when using the update API. You could easily blow up your campaign by not having the correct steps in place for Super Send to work correctly.

Create Message

Send an array of messages to bulk create messages. If you have more than 100 messages, you can split them into multiple requests.

Message Types:

Message.Types = {
  1: 'EMAIL',
  2: 'WAIT',

We support a/b testing. subject = subject A, subject_b = B test. Same for body. body = body A, body_b = body B.

The first message below is a twitter follow message

The second message below is a standard wait step.

The third message below is a standard email message.

Every message must have a wait step in between two messages.

body takes HTML

curl -X PUT https://api.supersend.io/v1/auto/message \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-D '{  \
"messages": [
    "wait_unit": "day"
      "id": "xxx",
      "name": null,
      "step_number": 0,
      "wait": 1,
      "wait_unit": "hours",
      "send_as_reply": false,
      "finish": false,
      "sent": false,
      "type": 1,
      "subject": "You're off the waitlist! Welcome To Super Send! 🤗",
      "body": "<p>Ok I get it ... waitlists suck</p>",
      "subject_b": "",
      "body_b": null,
      "deleted": false,
      "createdAt": "2022-09-26T23:42:55.691Z",
      "updatedAt": "2022-09-26T23:42:55.691Z",
      "UserId": "61f30189-f81f-495c-8cb6-f10006d86c7a",
      "CampaignId": "b5681d4b-0a76-4044-a64f-cd73498c3268",
      "TeamId": "b0c8f8cf-87c1-436d-823a-8bb780479309",
      "OrgId": "123fb8ff-173a-476c-a057-eb427be91792",
      "SenderId": "66048aed-4323-4154-aa19-f19a8c191b54",
      "status": "current",
      "send_as_invite": true,
      "is_b_test": false



Get Messages

curl -X GET 'https://api.supersend.io/v1/auto/messages?TeamId=xxx&CampaignId=xxx' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

Update Messages

curl -X PUT https://api.supersend.io/v1/auto/messages \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-D '{  \
  "messages": [<Array of messags. See above>], \
  "TeamId": "xxx-xxx-xxx", \
  "CampaignId": "xxx-xxx-xxx", \